"Loker" ("https://loker.jp/en/"). "We" follow the following measures to protect the privacy and rights interests of users under the Privacy Act and to swiftly respond to any inconvenience related to personal information.

When the company revises its privacy policy, it shall notify it through a notice on the website (or individual notice).
※This policy will take effect on November 11, 2020.

Article 1 the purpose of processing personal information

We process personal information for the following purposes: The processed personal information is not used for purposes other than the following, and will seek prior consent when the purpose of use is changed.

1. Register and manage homepage members
Personal information is processed for the purpose of confirming the intention to sign up, maintaining and managing membership by main recognition, maintaining and managing membership status, preventing fraudulent use of this service, checking the consent of the legal representative when collecting personal information of children under the age of 14, various notices, notification, civil service processing, and preservation of records for dispute settlement.

2.Proceding Questions
Personal information is processed for the purpose of identification of the members, verification of complaints, contact and notification for fact-finding, and notification of the results of processing.

3. Providing services
Personal information is processed for the purpose of providing services, sending bills, providing subtitles, payment of charges, and settlement.

4. Use as a marketing and advertising channel
Personal information is processed for the purpose of development and service provision of new services (products), provision of event and advertisement information and opportunities to participate, validation of services, identification of access frequency, or statistics on the use of services by members.
Article 2 Status of Personal Information Files
The purpose of the processing of personal information files registered and disclosed by the company is as follows.

1. Personal information file name: Member identification information
·Personal information data: e-mail, mobile phone number, password, login ID, name, company phone number, position, department, company name
· Collection method: Homepage
·Reason for retention: Collect for identification of member information and sending notice information
Retention period: 3 years

2. Personal information file name: Member payment information
· Personal information data: credit card information, bank account information
· Collection method: Homepage
Reason for retention: Information collection for automatic payment
Retention period: 3 years

3. Personal information file name: Payment record information
· Personal information data: Service use records, access logs, cookies, access IP information, payment records
· Collection method: Homepage
·Reason for retention: Information collection for the preservation and dispute resolution of settlement records
Retention period: 5 years
Article 3 Processing and retention period of personal information

1. The Company shall retain and process personal information within the period of use and personal information that has been agreed upon in the possession and use of personal information or collection of information under the Act.

2. Each personal information processing and retention period is as follows.

(1) Registering and managing homepage members

Personal information on "Subscription and Management of Home Page" is retained and used for the purpose of the above use up to three years from the date of agreement on collection and use.

·Reason for retention: Collected for identification of member information and transmission of notice information

(2) Handling complaints from members

Personal information on "civil service handling" is retained and used for the purpose of the above service up to three years from the date of agreement on collection and use.

·Reason for retention: Information collection for handling service use complaints

(3) Providing goods or services

Personal information on "offering goods or services" is retained for the purpose of use above for up to five years from the date of agreement on collection and utilization.

· Reason for retention: Gather information to resolve disputes over service use

Article 4 Personal information processing commission

1. To ensure smooth handling of personal information, the company can entrust the processing of personal information.

2. When entering into a consignment contract, the Company oversees whether the trustee handles personal information safely by specifying in the documents such as the prohibition of handling personal information outside of the purpose of performing consignment work, technical and administrative protection measures, restriction of trust, management and supervision of the trustee, and damages.

3. If the contents of the consignment work or the trustee changes, it shall be disclosed through this personal information processing policy without delay.

Article 5 Rights and obligations of informants and legal representatives and their methods of exercise

The user may exercise the following rights as the person responsible for personal information:

1. The information body may exercise its right to access, correct, delete, and suspend personal information to the company at any time.

2. Rights events pursuant to paragraph 1 may be carried out in writing, e-mail or FAX to the Company, and the company shall take action without delay.

3. A right-of-rights event pursuant to paragraph 1 may be conducted through an agent or a legal representative of the information subject.

4. Requests for access to personal information and suspension of processing may be restricted in accordance with the relevant statutes.

5. The request for correction or deletion of personal information cannot be demanded for deletion if the personal information is specified on the collection list in other statutes.

6. The Company shall verify that the person who requests the access request, correction or deletion of information subject's rights, and access to the request for suspension of processing are himself or a legitimate agent.

Article 6 Preparation of items of personal information processed

We handle the following personal information items:

(1) Registering and managing members

·Required data: e-mail, name, company, position, department, company name

(2) Providing goods or services

·Required data: Service use records, access logs, cookies, access IP information, payment records
·Optional data: credit card information, bank account information

(3) Handling membership applications

• Required data: Service history, access log, cookies, access IP information

Article 7 The destruction of personal information
In principle, if the purpose of processing personal information is achieved, the company destroys the personal information without delay. The destruction procedures, deadlines and methods are as follows.

1) Destruction procedure

The information entered by the user is transferred to a separate DB after achieving the purpose (separate documents for paper) and is stored for a certain period of time or immediately destroyed in accordance with the internal policy and other relevant laws. Personal information transferred to DB is not used for other purposes unless it is subject to the law.

2) Discontinued

· When the personal information of the users is unnecessary, such as achieving the purpose of personal information processing within five days from the end of the retention period, abolishing the service, and terminating the project, the personal information of the users shall be destroyed within five days from the date when it is deemed unnecessary to handle personal information.

3) Destruction method

Information in electronic file types uses a technical method that prevents the recording from replaying.

Article 8 Items on the Installation, Operation and Denial of Automatic Collection of Personal Information

1. To provide this service individually, we save the service information and use 'cookie' from time to time.

2. A cookie is a small amount of information sent by a server (http) used to operate a website to the user's computer browser and is sometimes stored on the user's PC hard disk.

(1) Purpose of use of cookies: The purpose of the cookie is to provide optimized information to users by identifying the type of visit and use, popular search words, and security access to each service and website visited by the user.

(2) Installing, operating, and rejecting cookies: Tools at the top of the web browser >Internet Options>Privacy menu setting allows you to refuse to save cookies.

(3) If you refuse to save cookies, it may be difficult to use this service.

Article 9 Personal Information Protection Officer

The company is in charge of handling personal information and designates the person in charge of personal information protection as follows in order to handle complaints and remedy damages related to the handling of personal information.

Personal Information Protection Officer
·Person in charge: Jun Iwata
·Contact: info@loker.jp

Article 10 Changing the handling policy of personal information

This personal information processing policy will be applied from the effective date, and if there is any additional deletion or correction of changes made by the statutes or policies, the notice shall be posted seven days before the change takes effect.

Article 11 Measures to secure the safety of Personal Information

We take the following technical, administrative and physical actions necessary to ensure safety:

1. Minimize and educate people who take personal information.

The company has designated employees who handle personal information and is implementing measures to manage personal information only to those in charge.

2. Establishing and implementing an internal management plan

The internal management plan is established and implemented for the safe handling of personal information.

3. Encrypting Personal Information

·The user's personal information and passwords are encrypted, stored, and managed, so only he or she can know. Important data is used for a separate security function, such as encrypting files or transmission data or using the file lock function.

4. Restrict access to personal information

The company takes necessary measures to control access to personal information through granting, altering or removing access to the database system that processes personal information, and controls unauthorized access from outside using the intrusion prevention system.

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