Article 1 Purpose

The purpose of this Agreement is to define the rights and responsibilities between us and the users in the use of subtitle-related services (hereinafter referred to as 'this service') provided by Loker.

The terms and conditions are also applied to e-commerce using PC communication, wireless, etc. as long as they are not contrary to their nature.

Article 2 Definition

1. "Platform" refers to a virtual business establishment set up by "Loker" ("") (regardless of the reason, domain, name or content change) that allows users to apply for contracts and make payments using information and communication facilities such as computers to provide this service to users.

2. "User" means the members and non-members who access the "platform" and receive the services provided by the company under this Agreement.

3. "Members" means persons (individuals or corporations) who have been registered in a "platform" and are able to use this service provided in "platform" continuously.

4. "Non-member" means a person (individual or corporate) who uses this service provided by "platform" without membership.

5. "Mileage" refers to the virtual data on the "platform" available for payment of this service, and the point at which "members" can use it as a means of payment when using the "platform

6. "Subtitle-related services" shall mean all services provided by "platform" in addition to those provided under Article 4 of this Agreement (including services after such change in the name and content of the service, regardless of the reason).

Article 3 State, explain, and change this Agreement

1. In "Platform," we post the contents of this Agreement, our mutual and representative names, the address of the sales office (including the address of the place where the consumer's claim can be processed), the telephone number, and the e-mail address on the initial service screen (bottom) of the "platform" for the user's easy access. In addition, the contents of this Agreement can be viewed by the user through the connection screen.

2. We may change this Agreement if we acknowledge that we need it.

3. If the company changes this Agreement by the preceding paragraph, it shall be notified on the initial page of the platform by specifying the intent of changing the terms and conditions along with the current agreement and the date of the change and the reason for the change in effect one week before its effective date.However, if the terms and conditions are changed unfavorable to the users, a grace period is given up to 30 days before the effective date. In this case, the "platform" clearly compares the contents before and after the revision to make it easier for the user to understand.

4. In the event of a change to this Agreement, the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall apply only to contracts entered into after the effective date, and the terms and conditions of the Agreement before the modification shall be applied. However, if a user who has already signed a contract sends his intention to be subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement after the change to "platform" within the period of disclosure of the terms and conditions concerning the change under paragraph 3, the terms and conditions shall be applied after the change.

5. In the event of a change that requires the consent of the users under the Act, the consent of the users shall be obtained through the method prescribed by the Company.

Article 4 Provisions and modifications of services

1. We provide the following subtitle-related services in "Platform".

(1) Providing translation subtitles and special translations in accordance with the contract for purchase of subtitles with users

(2) Providing translation subtitles and special translations other than No.1

(3) Other services prescribed by the Company

2. In the event that the contents of the subtitle purchase contract need to be changed after the user's application, the company shall immediately notify the users of the reason.

Article 5 Abortment of Services

1. The Company may suspend or suspend the provision of all or part of this service without prior notice to the users if one of the following applies:

(1) In case of urgent inspection or repair of the computer system in relation to this service;

(2) In case this service cannot be operated due to a failure of a computer or a communication line, malfunctioning, excessive concentration of access, fraudulent access, or hacking.

(3) In case of inability to operate this service due to force majeure such as earthquake, lightning, fire, feng shui, power outage, or natural disaster

(4) In the event that other Company needs to stop or stop,

2. We shall not be responsible for any damages caused to users caused by actions taken by us based on this section.

3. In the event that the service cannot be provided for reasons such as conversion of business items, abandonment of business or integration between manufacturers, the company shall notify the users by the method specified in Article 8 and compensate the users according to the conditions provided in the "platform." However, if the "platform" does not notify the compensation criteria, the user's mileage, etc., shall be paid to the user in kind or in cash corresponding to the currency value used in the "platform".

Article 6 Membership

1. In accordance with the registration form set by the company, the user can apply for membership registration by providing the information of the members to the company and expressing his consent to comply with the terms and conditions.

2. The company determines whether or not to subscribe to a subscriber who subscribes based on paragraph 1. If the company recognizes the registration, it informs the applicant of the purpose of the registration and registers it as a member. The completion of the subscription as a "members" shall be made when the approval notice of the company reaches the applicant.

3. We may refuse to register and re-register if the applicant applies to either of the following reasons, and we do not have any public obligation for that reason.

(1) In case there is a false, misleading or omission of any or all of the registration provided by the Company.

(2) Where a minor, adult guardian, guardian, adviser, or assistant does not obtain the consent of a legal representative, guardian, aide, or assistant;

(3) Anti-social forces (violent groups, gang members, right-wing groups, anti-social forces, and others). If the Company determines that it is engaged in any interaction or involvement with such anti-social forces as to maintain, operate, or engage in management of such anti-social forces by means of funding and other means.

(4) In the event that the Company determines that there has been a breach of contract between the Company and the Company in the past or that it is an official of the Company;

(5) Where a person has previously lost his or her membership pursuant to article 7 paragraph 1. However, except in cases where the Company determines that re-registration is reasonable for those whose membership has been three years since the loss of their membership pursuant to paragraph 1 of Article 7.

(6) In case registration is deemed to have significant technical problems with the "platform"

(7) In case the Company determines that other registration is not appropriate;

4. If there is a change in the items registered at the time of membership registration, the member shall notify the change to the company without delay according to the method provided by the company.

Article 7 Disclaiming Membership

1. If a member falls under any of the following reasons, the company may temporarily suspend the use of this service or cancel its registration as a member without prior notice or warning.

(1) In case of violation of any one of the provisions of this Agreement;

(2) In case registration is found to be false;

(3) Subtitle payment or "platform" purchased using "platform"
In case the member fails to pay the member's obligation in relation to the use on the due date;

(4) In the event of an application to suspend payments or become non-payable or to initiate bankruptcy proceedings, to initiate civil regeneration procedures, to initiate a company rehabilitation procedure, to initiate special liquidation or to initiate similar procedures;

(5) In the event that the service has not been used for more than one year,

(6) In case there has been no response for more than 30 days to contact us for inquiries or other answers from the Company;

(7) In case of paragraph 3 of Article 6,

(8) In case 'platform' is obstructed by other users or threatened by e-commerce order, such as stealing their information;

(9) In the event that the Act or this Agreement is prohibited using 'platform' or has acted against the custom;

(10) In the event that the other party determines that it is not appropriate to continue to subscribe to this service or as a member of the

2. Members whose use of this service has been suspended or de-registered for any reason under any of the preceding paragraph shall, of course, lose their due profit for all debts owed to the Company and shall immediately pay all debts to the Company.

Article 7 - 2 Submission from Membership

1. The members may withdraw from this service and cancel their membership upon completion of our prescribed procedures.

2. In the event that there is a debt owed to the Company in withdrawal, the member concerned shall lose the profit due for all debts owed to the Company and promptly pay all debts to the Company.

3. For handling user information after withdrawal, delete user information at the appropriate time. The member accepts in advance that information that does not specify an individual may not be deleted.

Article 8 Notification of Members

1. If the company notifies the members, the members may notify the designated e-mail address in advance by making an agreement with the company.

2. In case of notification to an unspecified number of members, we can replace individual notification by posting it on the "Platform" bulletin board for more than a week. However, individual notification shall be made of any material impact related to the member's transaction.

Article 9 Application for Subtitle Purchase Contract
The user shall apply for a subtitle purchase contract according to the method prescribed on the "platform" and the company shall provide each of the following information in an easy way when the user applies for electricity.

(1) Video file, video URL, subtitle type (voice subtitle, screen subtitle), video language, translation language

(2) Detailed billing details for each video that has been submitted for a subtitle purchase contract

(3) Applying for subtitle purchase contracts and confirming or agreeing to the company's confirmation

(4) Selecting and paying methods

Article 10 Establishment of Subtitle Purchase Contract

1. The Company may not accept an application for a subtitle purchase contract as provided in Article 9 if it falls under the following subparagraphs:

(1) In case the application is false, misleading, or omitted,

(2) In case copyrights such as subtitles used in videos and videos are not clear;

(3) If the description of the title of the video is not related to the video,

(4) Accepting an application for a subtitle purchase contract is deemed to have a problem with "platform" technology.

(5) In case it is deemed inappropriate for the company to accept an application for a subtitle purchase contract,

2. The subtitle purchase agreement is considered to have been established at the time when the company's consent reaches the user in the form of confirmation of receipt as provided in Article 12 paragraph 1.

3. The company's sign of consent shall include confirmation of the application for the subtitle purchase contract by the user, availability of this service, correction or cancellation of the application details, etc.

Article 11 Charges and Payment Methods

1. In exchange for the purchase of subtitles, the user can pay the service charges separately set by the company or marked on the "platform" according to the following payment methods.

(1) Account remittance
(2) Card payment
(3) Payment based on points paid by the Company, such as mileage
(4) Payment of gift certificates in partnership with or recognized by the Company
(5) Payment based on other electronic payment methods, etc.

2. In the event that the user delays payment of the service charge, the user shall pay the delayed damages due to the ratio of 14.6% per annum to the company.
Article 12 (Receiving confirmation notice, change or cancel purchase application)

1. In the event of an application for a subtitle purchase contract by a user, the company sends a confirmation of receipt to the users except in the event that they refuse to do so under the provisions of Article 10.1.

2. In the event that a user receives a notification of confirmation of receipt, the contents of the confirmation of receipt and the contents of the application are inconsistent with the contents of the notification and the contents of the application intended by the user shall not be changed after that unless the user requests a change or cancellation of the application and the company responds to the request. In addition, if the user has already paid the bill, he or she shall deal with it in accordance with the provisions concerning cancellation of the contract under Article 15.

Article 13 Subtitle supply

1. As long as there is no separate agreement for the users and the timing of the subtitle supply, the company shall take other necessary measures, such as typing and translating, so that the subtitle can be provided within 24 hours of operation from the time the user applies for the subtitle purchase contract. At that time, we take appropriate measures to ensure that the user can check the order or progress of the subtitles.

2. The company specifies the method of providing subtitles that are subject to the users' purchase request, and the expected period of subtitle production.

3. If users apply for a subtitle purchase contract for a video that is more than an hour at a time, we can extend the subtitle production period by obtaining an understanding from the users.

Article 14 Refund

When the user is unable to provide subtitles for which he or she applied for a subtitle purchase contract, the company shall notify the users without delay and take necessary measures for refund within seven business days from the date of receipt of payment.

Article 15 Cancellation of Contracts

1. Users who have signed a subtitle purchase agreement with us may withdraw their application before receiving a written letter regarding the contract from us.

2. In the event that the user mistakenly requested a video for the subtitle purchase contract due to the reason attributable to the user or applied for the subtitle purchase contract without fully understanding the contents of the subtitle purchase contract, the user cannot cancel or rework the subtitle purchase contract for that fact.

3. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2, the user may cancel the contract within one month from the date of receiving the subtitle supply, or within 30 days from the date of noticing or noticing the fact, when the subtitle supply is implemented contrary to the contents of the contract.

Article 16 Compensation and Disclaimer

1. We and the users shall be responsible for damages incurred to the other party in violation of each of the provisions of this Agreement by intention or negligence.

2. We guarantee that this service will be suitable for a particular purpose of the user, the expected function, product value, accuracy and availability, the use of this service by the user, the act applicable to the users or the internal rules of the industry group, the availability of this service continuously, and the absence of any inconvenience.

3. The Company shall not be liable for damages incurred by the users in connection with this service beyond the amount of consideration paid to the company and shall not be liable for any incidental damages, indirect damages, special damages, future damages and damages related to the actual benefits. However, this is not the case if the company acknowledges intentional or gross negligence.

4. In connection with this service or platform, the users shall resolve transactions, contacts, or disputes between the users and other users or third parties on their own responsibility.

Article 17 Privacy

1. When collecting personal information of users, the company collects the minimum amount of personal information to the extent necessary to provide the service.

2. When we sign up, we do not collect the information necessary to fulfill the purchase contract in advance. However, if the purchase contract requires confirmation of the person before the purchase contract for the execution of the obligation under the relevant statutes, the minimum amount of personal information shall be collected.

3. When collecting and using users' personal information, the company shall notify the users of the purpose and obtain their consent.

4. The collected personal information shall not be used for purposes other than purposes. In the event of a new purpose of use or provision to a third party, the company shall notify and obtain consent from the users during the service and service phase. Exceptions shall be made when there are other provisions in the relevant statutes.

5. If the Company is required to obtain consent from the users pursuant to paragraphs 2 and 3, it shall specify or notify in advance the identity of the person in charge of personal information management (statement and telephone number, other contact), the purpose of collecting and using the information, and the information related to the third party (the purpose of the information provided, and the user may withdraw this consent at any time.

6. At any time, you may request to read our personal information and correct errors, and we may take necessary actions without delay. If the user asks to correct the error, the company shall not use the personal information until it corrects the error.

7. For the protection of personal information, the company shall limit to a minimum those who handle users' personal information and shall take full responsibility for damages caused by the loss, theft, leakage, unauthorized third party provision, and tampering of the users' personal information, including credit cards and bank accounts.

8. A third party that receives personal information from the company or from the third party shall destroy such personal information without delay when it achieves the purpose of collecting or providing personal information.

9. We do not set the consent section for collecting, using, or providing personal information in advance. In addition, when the users refuse to agree to collect, use, or provide personal information, the limited service shall not be specified and the service provision shall not be restricted or rejected, such as membership registration, on the grounds that the users refuse to agree to collect, use or provide personal information other than the mandatory collection item.

10. In the event that the Company has transferred the business related to this service to a third party, the contractual status of the service use, the rights obligation based on this Agreement, and the registration of the users shall be transferred to the transferee of the project in advance, and the users shall agree to the transfer of the service to the transferee concerned. In addition, the transfer of a business pursuant to this paragraph shall include all acts of transferring the business, splitting the company, and transferring the business.

Article 18 The Company's obligations

1. We will do our best to provide this service in a consistent and stable manner as provided by this Agreement without any acts prohibited by the Act or this Agreement or against the prevailing customs.

2. We have a security system for the protection of users' personal information (including credit information) so that users can use the Internet service safely.

Article 19 Responsibilities for Members' IDs and passwords

1. Except in the case of Article 17, the member shall be responsible for managing ID and password.

2. The member shall not use his or her ID and password to a third party.

3. If a member recognizes that his or her ID and password are stolen or used by a third party, the member shall notify us of the fact and follow our instructions.

4. The member shall be responsible for damages caused by the use of ID and password, negligence in use, and use by a third party.
Article 20 User's Duty

In using this service, the user shall not act in any of the following or in any of the following acts.

(1) An act in violation of a statute or in relation to an act of crime;

(2) An act of fraud or intimidation against the Company, another user of this service, or any other third party.

(3) Conducting against public notice

(4) infringing upon the intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, honor, other rights or interests of the Company, other users of this service or other third parties;

(5) Uploading information on the platform as deemed by the Company to or from the following, or transmitting it to the Company or other users of this service:

- Information containing overly violent or brutal expressions
- Information including computer viruses and other harmful computer programs
- Information including expressions that damage the reputation or credit of the party, other users of this service, or other third parties
- Information containing overly obscene expressions
- Information including expressions that encourage discrimination
- Information including expressions encouraging suicide and self-inflicted acts
- Information including expressions that encourage the inappropriate use of drugs
- Information including antisocial expressions
- Information requiring the spread of information about third parties, such as chain mail
- Information including expressions that offend others

(6) Giving excessive load to the platform's systems, etc.

(7) Reverse engineering and other interpretation of software and other systems provided by the Company.

(8) Acts that may interfere with the operation of the platform and illicit access to our network or systems, etc.

(9) To assign, transfer, transfer mortgage or otherwise dispose of any rights or obligations under this Agreement or any rights or obligations under this Agreement without prior consent by the Company's written form.

(10) The act of disguising as a third party;

(11) Using the ID or password of another user of this service.

(12) Advertising, soliciting or conducting business on the platform not permitted by the Company in advance.

(13) Gathering information of other users of this service

(14) An act that causes disadvantages, damages or displeasure to the Company, other users of this service, or other third parties;

(15) An act that contravenes this Agreement;

(16) Benefit contribution to anti-social forces, etc.

(17) Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate.

Article 21 The attribution and use of copyrights

1. All copyrights and other intellectual property rights in the works produced by us shall be vested in us.

2. In accordance with this Agreement and this service provision, the company shall notify the users of the original video of copyright or other intellectual property rights attributable to the users in "Platform".

3. The user agrees that he or she shall not exercise any copyright or other intellectual property rights regarding videos attributed to the users in the preceding paragraph.

4. The users have legitimate rights to videos subject to subtitle purchases, and the users express and guarantee the company for not infringing upon the rights of third parties.

Article 22 Handling of Civil Appeals

We handle complaints and opinions submitted by users first. However, if it is difficult to expedite the processing, the user shall be notified immediately of the reason and the processing schedule.

Article 23 Compliance Laws, etc. and Judges to be appointed

1. This Agreement or the Agreement on the Provision of this Service shall be governed by Korean law.

2. Items not set forth in this Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the Singapore Act unless there is a special provision for the interpretation of this Agreement.

3. If any provision or part of this Agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable by the Consumer Contract Act or other statutes, the remaining provisions of this Agreement and the remaining parts of the Regulations determined to be invalid or unenforceable shall continue to be in full force.

4. For any dispute arising out of this Agreement or the provision of this Service, the Court of Singapore High Court shall be governed by the first instance of the Agreement.

Article 24 Secret

The users shall treat confidential information disclosed by the company in connection with this service as a secret, except in the event that a prior consent is given by the company.

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