From Japan to the World, the World to Japan, and the World to the World

Encouraging mutual understanding through translation

Loker helps video creators to send their messages from Japan to the world, from the world to Japan, and from the world to the world through translation in an increasingly globalized society. We believe that our service will help promote mutual understanding between cultures.

For video creators, multilingualizing your content will increase the number of subscribers of your channel, which in turn will increase your income opportunities and give more time to devote more creative activities.

Our speciality is the translation of video content, and we can deliver on the same day at the earliest.
We provide post-editing translation services, which involves transcription and translation using AI, followed by language check by experienced experts.
This makes it possible to translate without losing the meaning of the original text.


Two strengths of Loker

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Loker offers accurate language translation by the same-day delivery. These are the two things that make Loker the best comparing with other services.


What does it mean to publish video content in multi-language?

At least 100 million people use Japanese on the Internet.

Translating your videos into multiple languages will give you more opportunities to convey your message and increase your channel revenue.

By translating your video into multiple languages, you can expand your distribution opportunities and attract more viewers as they often use mobile phones in silence.

By distributing your content in Japanese, you will be able to increase the number of subscribers to your page, which in turn will give you more opportunities to increase your earnings as a creator.
This is a sample of English subtitles for a video.

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